About us

Our project is created with the support of the Free Trade Union of BSU, Belarusian Students in the Czech Republic, Young Christian Democrats, and Student Presence.

Project mission providing all necessary assistance to students, involvement in the quick rehabilitation of students after their release from prison, support after release, and return to academic and social environments.

Provide assistance based on specific requests.

Deal with the search and coverage of psychological, legal, and medical services.

–°onsult and assist throughout the entire period from leaving the country to adaptation and legalization abroad. We provide assistance with urgent departures from Belarus.

Create guides for post-prison adaptation, adaptation in other country, safety guides, and more.

Coordinate between existing initiatives, programs, scholarships, and funds.

Additionally, collect information about repression against students and maintain statistics.

Those who can turn to us for help include:

Students from higher, secondary specialized, and vocational-technical educational institutions who have experienced or are experiencing politically motivated criminal, administrative, and disciplinary persecution in 2020-2023, both inside and outside Belarus, as well as their families

Activists and volunteers who are already involved in assisting students and are not limited to a single project

We are open to collaboration with Belarusian and international organizations that provide assistance to various groups affected by the political crisis in Belarus in 2020.

The research component has been carried out in the framework of the VisiBYlity for Belarusian Democratic Actors project, supported by the Civil Society Cooperation Programme.